Raspberry Pi Projects Revisited

Way back in 2012, I bought into the raspberry pi devices simply because it was a low cost dev board, Linux based, low powered, and easy to access I/O architecture.

Unfortunately, after playing with it for about a few months, it ultimately got put aside because beyond controlling some simple gain circuits, LEDs, relays, and etc., I ultimately got bored with it because I could only use it as a really slow PC if at all. All the real software packages ran way to slow, and simply setting up a VM on my main computer to do anything Linux based at the time would have been faster and cheaper.

Fast forward to today and after catching up on more recent developments with the current PI 4 version, now it’s a whole new story. These things are really fast and a great embedded system architecture to play with.

Short Specifications Comparison

PI Model B Rev. 2PI 4 Model B
CPU Count14
CPU Freq700 Mhz1.5 Ghz
Network100 Mbps1 Gbps
HDMI1 full size2x micro HDMI
SD cardfull micro
Powermicro USB/1AUSB-C/3A
Ram512 MB2/4/8 GB
Boot to CLI Time~1.5min~25s

Just the specs alone have roughly gone up 8-fold (Slightly behind Moore’s law, but who’s really counting?). But the main useful upgrades have been the 1 Gbp and USB 3.0 ports that actually have enough bandwidth to saturate both interfaces. Boot times have dramatically improved. Will update with new projects and benchmarks.

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